KC Accommodation - Northern Ireland. Range of holiday rental & self catering properties for rent.

KC Accommodations

Holiday or business rental. A range of self-catering properties for rent in Northern Ireland, mostly in Dungannon. Rochella and Chris was looking for help with promoting their properties. We decided to create a separate websites & social media presence to get better control of each property from marketing perspective.

Website design and development

Design and development of WordPress website for each property. We have used a premium theme and some premium plugins to support code delivery & images optimisation to improve website performance in google speed tests.

Logo design

We have designed a set of logos for each property.


Outgoing process…

  • create unique profile accounts on social networks: google+, google my business, Facebook, pinterest
  • build up network on the social media profiles
  • create a blog on KC Accommodation website – share each entry on all social networks = generate direct traffic to the websites
  • vblog to follow (youtube channel)
  • …we will decide what next after this part is done…